Seller Suite Program

"eLead Network is simply the best source of leads that I've had - love the personal relationship with the team and frankly, it's changed my business."
Dominic Czarniak
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Program Details

Only one Agent/Team/Broker per County – Lock in Your County Now!

How does it work?  Our team finds all new FSBOs and Expired listings every day from your County and enters them into our Lead Concierge Service where our team will send texts and e-mails on your behalf and engage with sellers to get them ready and waiting for your call.  You will also receive any home value seller leads that our national site generate in your county too for additional listing opportunity! You’ll be alerted when interested sellers are waiting for your call. You can also hop in the dashboard and pick up the phone any time you want to get aggressive and make your own outbound calls to the FSBOs and Expireds too!

Lead Concierge & Conversion Service

FSBOs & Expireds can and absolutely should be a part of your business but they take consistent and timely outreach and hard work.  Not every agent has the time or processes to capitalize on the opportunity and that’s where we come in.

Our system finds all new FSBOs & Expired listings in your county EVERY day (that’s a valuable service in and of itself) and then adds them to our Lead Concierge platform where our team will send them multiple text messages, emails and even voicemails on your behalf over a 90 day period and engage them in conversations and alert you when a seller is ready for your call!  

You can easily view the conversations between sellers and our concierge team and jump in any time that you want to pick up the conversation and lock down a listing appointment. 

Immediate Contact

Long Term Follow Up

Conversion Reports 

Mobile App

Customizable Scripts

Instant Notifications

CRM Integrations

Get all of our Lead Concierge Team’s client interactions pulled into your CRM

Program Pricing

Pricing is per county and ranges from $95/mo to $995/mo depending on the historical listing inventory activity level  in the county.   Look up your county’s price to get started!

Exclusive County Plan

From $95 to $995

Depending on the County

  • All FSBOs and Expireds entered EVERY day
  • Receive any home value seller leads from our national site in your county
  • Your Account Manager will guide you through easy customized set-up
  • Receive alerts when sellers are ready for your call
  • Cancel Any Time

  Choose a package based on the number of counties in your coverage area.

  You will own your county or counties, exclusively on our platform.

  Our Lead Concierge team will reach out and engage with these prospective sellers and get them ready to take a call from you so you can lock in the listing appointment.   Utilize the Lead Concierge & Conversion dashboard to see all the FSBOs and Expired Listings, names, addresses and phone numbers for them and feel free to make proactive outbound calls to increase your chances of success. 

  As a bonus, if any Home Value Seller Leads come in from our national home value site for your county, we’ll enter those into your account as well!

Our team will make multiple contact attempts (texts and e-mails) over a 90 day period. 

  Easily cancel any time – no term commitment. Upgrade to a package with more counties or change counties at any time after you have some confidence in our program.

Read the FAQs next to learn more…..

What makes you different than other options?  Similar solutions require costly ISAs and data sources, data entry and CRMs as add-ons.  Our cost effective solution and technology does all the work for you and you can simply pick up interested responses to seal the deal.  It includes a dashboard and mobile app where you can see the activity if you choose and make outbound calls as well if desired.   

What is the messaging that goes out to the FSBOs & Expireds? We have tried and true messaging and methods – your Dedicated Account Manager will go over the options with you to choose the messaging that you are comfortable with and will walk you through the easy set up process. 

What about Do-Not-Call laws? Our team will discuss this in detail with you before completing your purchase, but in short, if an Expired Listing is on the DNC list, we do not enter that number into the system for texting.  We’ll provide an alert to let you know that this seller’s number is on the DNC and we’ll share the DNC phone number with you to take whatever action you are comfortable with. 

What are the listings taken expectations?    This will depend on your market, follow up and closing strategies of course but we ourselves own a local brokerage in Buffalo NY and utilize this service and we see an average of 3 to 5 new listings per month from one county.

What happens after I order a subscription here?  Your Account Manager will reach out, usually within an hour on business days to gather all the information needed to set up your account as well as walk you through all you need to know.  Typically, sellers are entered into the platform for you within 24 hours. 

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