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Get every new FSBO & Expired Listing imported straight into your Real Geeks account EVERY day !

Already using a similar service? Try us for free and see how we compare, we think you’ll like our pricing and easy Real Geeks integration!

How does it work?  Our team finds all new FSBOs and Expired listings every day from your County and posts them straight into your Real Geeks account!  No new systems to learn or log into:)  We run the listings through our data sources and APIs to get all the information, which includes address, list price, list date or expiration date, owner names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well as an indicator if phone numbers on are on the DNC list.   FSBOs are found/processed 4 X throughout the day so you get them as soon as they come on the market.  Expireds are once per day for that days expirations. 

  The service is County Level but you may filter to only received certain cities, zips or price points if desired. Choose one county to start and add more if you like the service and cover a big area. 

Once you subscribe, you’ll receive some tips and training videos and have an opportunity to connect with an account manager if you have questions or need help, you’ll get all the currently active FSBOs and Expired listings within 24 hours to jump start activity and then get all new ones each day going forward.  

  Easily cancel any time – no term commitment.

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Program Pricing - Free Trial

Pricing is per county and ranges from $29/mo to $99/mo depending on the historical activity level of FSBOs and Expireds in the county.   Look up your county’s price to get started with a Free Trial!

Cover Multiple Counties?  We offer some big discounts for 2 or more.  Please fill out the form below with details and we’ll be in touch with an offer!

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