Partnership Program

eLead Network is the owner/operator of a suite of real estate related sites and is a trusted partner and leading provider of real estate lead generation for some of the industry’s top players including OpCity, Homelight,, & many more….

We were founded by real estate brokers that were tired of the high cost, shared lead, long-term contract model and are pleased to offer an alternative with our simple and straight forward lead programs combined with high touch and proven lead conversion concierge services to help our clients convert more leads into transactions.

We employed these programs in our own brokerage to grow it into a top producing firm in our market in just one year and were able to sell the company in year two.

Are you tired of the Zillow-type of options dominating the market too?  Our program offers teams and brokers an easy solution to get activity and grow your business.

  Choose your package from the plans outlined below.  

  Choose your coverage area – our leads are exclusive but our territories are not, we can help you wherever you cover…a list of cities or even whole counties are fine.

  Real-time buyer and seller leads are routed to our ISA call center solution, provided in partnership with The Keyes Company.   The Keyes Company has proven history working our leads through their call center in conjunction with strategies deployed throught the KvCore platform to get them ready to meet with an agent.

Warm leads are then either warm transferred or passed on to you via e-mail and posted to your KvCore account.

Lead data includes name, phone, email and location of interest, preferred property type, price range, desired beds/baths and if applicable, specific property details, along with the details of the ISA interaction.

 The Keyes Comnpany’s ISA team will make 20 contact attempts (calls, texts, e-mails) over a 30 day period to help reach and qualify your leads so your team can focus on what they do best! 

No start up costs, minimum 90 day term. Upgrade to a package with more leads at any time after you have some confidence in our program.

Read the FAQs next to learn more…..

What makes you different than other options?  Our solution is designed for simplicity so you can focus on what you do best.  You sign up, we do all the set up, manage everything for you and deliver leads every month and with our lead qualifying service, even help you reach more of them.  Easy to start, easy to pause or cancel if you need to.

I get leads where I have to pay a referral, can you offer that? Those are great, we love those as brokers too!  However, you have no control over how many you are going to get per month and it’s usually not many.  With our solution you can control how many raw leads you get per month and you get them every month.

How are your leads generated? One of our strengths is traffic acquisition. We drive a high volume of real estate consumer traffic to our sites from SEM, SEO, and partnerships with real estate related sites.

What do leads look like? An example would be:  John Doe | 555-555-1212 | | Looking to buy in Los Angeles | Single Family Homes | Price Range: $500,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 3000 Sq Ft + the ISA interaction notes/transcript

How fast will I get the leads?  This can vary quite a bit by market but most of our partners will get 1 to 5 leads per day. So, it’s possible if you have a 100 lead buyer package that you get them all in the first two or three weeks and can focus on follow ups for the rest of the month until lead flow starts again the next month.

What is the conversion ratio?  This can vary greatly by market and most importantly by process.  You need to respond fast, follow up often, and provide value. That said, our leads fall in line with most online real estate leads with between 1% and 2+% close ratio of raw leads.  If you close only 1%, there is good ROI. If  you close 2% or more, there will be significant ROI.  Don’t forget to include the referrals that will start to spin off from our leads over time that will become a part of your client base.

What happens after I order a subscription here?  Our team will reach out to schedule an onboarding call where we work together to get all the details necessary to activate your account and set up the warm transfer, hand-off process, etc.  Typically raw leads will start flowing within 1 or 2 business days. 

Do I have to log in and use your dashboard?  No, you will get the leads via E-mail and straight into your KvCore account.

Lead Solution Packages

Starter Team Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 1895 month-to-month
  • 100 Real-time Raw Leads
  • Primarily Buyer Leads With Some Sellers Included
  • Estimated 15 to 20 Warm Leads
  • Warm Leads Transferred or Posted to KvCore
  • Cancel Any Time

Power Team Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 3750 month-to-month
  • 200 Real-time Leads
  • Primarily Buyer Leads With Some Sellers Included
  • Estimated 30 to 40 Warm Leads
  • Warm Leads Transferred or Posted to KvCore 
  • Cancel Any Time

Broker Plan + ISA

Lead Qualifying Service Included
$ 5595 month-to-month
  • 300 Real-time Leads
  • Primarily Buyer Leads With Some Sellers Included
  • Estimated 45 to 60 Warm Leads
  • Warm Leads Transferred or Posted to KvCore
  • Cancel Any Time

Be sure to read the “How it Works” section at the top of the page for details that apply to all packages.    We guarantee the Raw Lead amount chosen every month.  The estimated warm leads will vary by month and market but we typically see 15% to 20% of the Raw Lead volume go out as warm leads monthly.   Typically this is about 90% buyers and 10% sellers.

Lead Concierge & Conversion Service

Web leads can really help you grow your business exponentially but they are not a magic bullet, they take consistent and timely outreach and hard work. We realize the importance of this and also that agents do not have the time to do what’s necessary to convert as many leads as possible and they are better served focusing on working with clients than chasing them.

Your success is our success and so we provide our subscribers with a complete solution of lead generation paired with proven Lead Conversion & ISA services provided in partnership with The Keyes Company to maximize your ROI and to make our partnership a long term engagement.

The Keyes Company is a top 50 Brokerage in the country and is a KvCore Platform user.  They began acquiring our raw leads in 2020 and running them through their ISA call center and long term follow up through strategies deployed on the KvCore Platform.

Based on their success, we have partnered our raw leads with their Lead Concierge & Conversion Services to offer other KvCore users the opportunity to grow their business.

They Keyes Team will call, text & e-mail with speed to lead in mind to exponentially increase the chances that together we capture more clients…. we keep it simple and determine if someone is ready and willing to talk to an agent – detailed live conversations should be with you, the local expert! Over the course of 30 days, the team will use a combination of 20 calls, texts and e-mails to make contact, engage and ultimately qualify that the buyer is ready to connect with you.  They’ll facilitate a live transfer connection to you if possible or send you an instant alert to reach out to the ready buyer

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