$ 49 Monthly
  • 2 Week Free Trial!

No Set Up Fees

Not set up fees or any hidden fees, what you see is what you get with our simple and affordable pricing.

No Term Commitments

Not only do we offer a 2 week free trial but you can cancel any time during your paid subscription, we're confident in our product, no need to lock you in.

Product Highlights

CRM Integration

All Leads posted straight to YOUR existing CRM if you have one. We are integrated with ALL real estate CRMs.

Don't Have A CRM?

Receive leads via e-mail or choose to use our dashboard to view and manage your leads.

Territory & Filters

Subscriptions are defined at county level but you may exclude areas if you do not cover your entire county or provide multiple counties if you cover a larger area. You may also choose to filter out leads with low estimated home values.

Additional Product Options

Once you're a subscriber, you'll be able to add Expired Listing Leads, Pre-Foreclosure Leads and/or Circle Prospecting if you wish.



No set up fees with our Lead Products, no referral fees, nothing but your simple, affordable monthly subscription charge.  However, as noted in the product description, there is a set up fee with the Postcard Marketing add-on due to the setup complexity. 

This is difficult for us to project for a variety of reasons…the data that we do know is that over 90% of FSBOs end up listing with an agent so with our system and consistent follow up and processes, some of those listings will be yours!    The key thing to consider is that with our low subscription costs, all you need is a couple of listings per year to have a huge ROI AND always keep in mind, for every listing that we help you get, it should lead to another listing at least from referrals, word of mouth, getting more lawn signs out in your market, etc.

After you subscribe, you’ll be able to easily connect your CRM in your profile dashboard. 

Yes, you’ll have videos, scripts and articles in your dashboard to help you maximize the opportunity for success with our program. 

Lead flow will start within 24 hours after you activate your account.  On day one, you will get all the currently active FSBO inventory which in some markets could mean hundreds of listings.  After that, you get the new ones that come on the market posted out several times throughout the day from 7am EST to 9pm EST. 

All leads will have the owner name(s), phone number(s), email (if found), address, list price or estimated home value and a link to the listing’s URL

Yes, we have integrations or methodology to post leads into every Real Estate CRM…we’ve not yet been able to get leads into an agent’s CRM. 

From what we’ve found and heard, our prices are favorable to our competitors.  The data is essentially the same but how we package the data and easily get it into your CRM is an advantage for us and nobody else has the automated Postcard Marketing add-on if you decide to add that at some point.    

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