Raw Lead Plans

Bronze Plan - Raw Leads

Minimum 100 Raw Leads
$ 1245 $12.25 per additional lead (optional)
  • 100+ Real-time Raw Leads
  • Buyer & Seller Leads (typically 80% buyers)
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

Silver Plan - Raw Leads

Minimum 200 Raw Leads
$ 2445 $12 per additional lead (optional)
  • 200+ Real-time Raw Leads
  • Buyer & Seller Leads (typically 80% buyers)
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

Gold Plan - Raw Leads

Minimum 300 Raw Leads
$ 3595 $11.50 per additional lead (optional)
  • 300+ or More Real-time Raw Leads
  • Buyer & Seller Leads (Typically 80% Buyers)
  • E-mailed or Posted to Your CRM
  • Requires Team Has Existing ISA Solution
  • Cancel Any Time

  Choose a package based on the amount of raw monthly leads you want. Billing is at the beginning of each month for the minimum number of leads.  Optionally, you can elect to acquire additional leads in a month and pay for the overage at the end of the month.   For example, pay $1,245 to start the month for 100 leads and alert our team that you are willing to take additional leads in a given month, capped at a maximum of 150 leads. If we deliver 50 extra leads, then you would pay 50 x $12.25 for the additional leads at the end of the month. 

  Choose your coverage area – our leads are exclusive but our territories are not, we can help you wherever you cover…a list of cities or even whole counties is preferred.

  Receive real-time buyer and seller leads, sold only once, and sent instantly via e-mail and/or posted to your existing CRM if you have one.  Check out our list of current CRM integrations.  

Lead data includes name, phone, email and location of interest, preferred property type, price range, desired beds/baths and if applicable, specific property details.

 Must have an in-place ISA solution for this leads only option.

 All plans have a $195 set up fee but you can easily cancel any time – no term commitment. Upgrade to a package with more leads at any time after you have some confidence in our program.

Read the FAQs next to learn more…..

What makes you different than other options?  Our solution is designed for simplicity so you can focus on what you do best.  You sign up, we do all the set up, manage everything for you and deliver a guaranteed number of leads every month.  Easy to start, easy to pause or cancel if you need to.

I get leads where I have to pay a referral, can you offer that? Those are great, as former brokers, we love too!  However, you have no control over how many you are going to get per month and it’s usually not many.  With our solution you can control how many leads you get per month and get them every month and in the end pay a lot less per lead than you do with a referral model.

How are your leads generated? One of our strengths is traffic acquisition. We drive a high volume of real estate consumer traffic to our sites from SEM, SEO, and partnerships with real estate related sites.

What do leads look like? An example would be:  John Doe | 555-555-1212 | johndoe@gmail.com | Looking to buy in Los Angeles | Single Family Homes | Price Range: $500,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 3000 Sq Ft

What is the conversion ratio?  This can vary greatly by market and most importantly by process.  You need to respond fast, follow up often, and provide value. That said, our leads fall in line with most online real estate leads with between 1% and 5% close ratio.  If you close only 1%, there is a decent ROI. If  you close 2% or more, there will be significant ROI.  Don’t forget to include the referrals that will start to spin off from our leads over time that will become a part of your client base.

What happens after I order a subscription here?  Our team will set you up typically same day, no more than 24 hours. You will receive an e-mail with your log-in information to log into our dashboard to see your leads and see our Lead Conversion Team’s interactions with your leads.  In that welcome e-mail we’ll confirm the e-mail address where you want to receive leads, your cell phone number and the area that you cover and you can reply to advise our team of any changes to make.  In that message, we’ll also ask if you want your leads posted to your existing CRM and if you reply yes, we’ll request the information we need to get that set up for you.

Do I have to log in and use your dashboard?  No, you will get the leads via E-mail or straight into your existing CRM 

Our CRM Integrations

If your CRM is not listed here, we will get an integration done for you.

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